Tantrum-free toddler haircuts

It had to happen sometime. Our toddler's hairdresser fired us.

His face fell when we entered his shop last week. He approached us, ashen-faced and apprehensive, shook his head and pointed at the door. He was very sorry, he said, his voice shaking, but he couldn't take it any more. He just couldn't.

Fair enough, whenever we had to go through the ordeal of having our little one's hair cut, the screams could be heard two blocks down. Clients fled. The police looked in on us. And we all had aged at least ten years.

Enter Mata Mata, a children's hair salon in Islington, which was recommended to us by equally desperate parents of haircut-hating toddlers.

It worked brilliantly. I couldn't believe it.

The little ones get to sit in a large toy car of their choice. They munch raisins, look at picture books and get their Peppa Pig fix from a screen overhead. All the while a lovely and thoroughly toddler-trained hairdresser chats to them and makes them giggle while cutting their hair.

And as a final treat they can choose a balloon.

Our toddler wants to come back! We never thought we'd live to see that day.

Mata Mata
125 Essex Road, London N1 2SN
020 7288 1882
opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 9:30am to 6pm