Michelin-starred cuisine in Kyoto: Mankamerou

What an amazing treat.
My good friends Katsu and Yoko invited us for a surprise meal: the incredible experience of savouring Kaiseki cuisine at Kyoto's Mankamerou, a famous traditional restaurant which specialises in yusoku ryori, or cuisine for the members of the Imperial court.

What better way to start off than with an tofu dish, a local Kyoto delicacy. The texture and taste were astonishing, and so were the aesthetics.

Followed by wonderfully crisp tempura, with a taste I can only describe as exquisite.

Next, there was beautifully arranged sashimi.

And sake worthy of royalty. Look at the stunning crystal bowl reflecting the light...

Dishes created specifically to be served during Gion Matsuri, Kyoto's summer festival.

Little morsels of intricate and intense flavours.

My personal highlight was this: Mount Fuji! Vegetables, eggs and refreshingly chilled soba noodles under the crushed ice. Exquisite!

Time to warm up with a bit of tea. Don't you find the china so beautiful?

And what might be in this box?

Let's have a look...

Finally, the dessert...a wonderfully refreshing, subtly bittersweet grapefruit jelly accompanied by the most flavoursome fruit I have ever had the pleasure to try.