Hyper about Japan

For those of you who are don't know this event, Hyper Japan is a twice-yearly London event celebrating Japanese culture and cuisine.

It offers lots of activities, such as sushi making courses, tasting sessions, competitions and performances.

You can stock up on all sorts of Japanese goods, sharpen up (forgive the pun) your sword fighting skills and go to sake tasting sessions.

Or what about playing a couple of computer games and then have a cute maid draw you a ketchup dog on your omelette in the maid cafe?

However, if you'd rather skip the ketchup dog, you can pick up a wide variety of yummy food at one of the food stalls and then go and vote in the cosplay competition. And there's plenty more. What's not to like?!

If you dare to enter, that is. Plenty of monsters and mysterious creatures about!

Despite the lurking monsters, we couldn't wait to visit the 2016 winter edition, this time held in London's Tobacco Dock.

I found the venue very appealing. Its layout, architecture, decoration and lighting lent itself perfectly to the Christmas market theme.

Anime and manga lovers won't be disappointed. You can find anything from professional manga drawing lessons to stalls selling all sorts of merchandise and kawaii stuff - you are bound to feel dazzled by so much choice!

Hi, Totoro and Jiji!
Come on, cheer up, No-Face!
And there are figurines, figurines and more figurines.

As well as other merchandise and collectables.
How's that for a life motto?

As for me, I was who I was inside. And that was...HUNGRY!
Definitely time for a snack.

You can never go wrong with Edamame.
Or freshly made takoyaki! Oishii!
Very nice gyoza too.
Refreshed by all this tasty food, it was time to check out a performance...
...and admire the artwork section. Just look at this stunning metronome! Isn't it just beautiful? So incredibly elegant.
Check out these cute little guys.
No, not YOU scary guys up there. I meant THOSE guys below.
I hope this charming violinist is using the metronome above!

Inspired by so much beauty, we felt that there was only one thing which could follow this: Chocolate waffles.

Freshly baked, totally calorie-free (ahem), very naughty and aptly named "Choco Heaven" waffles.
Utterly content and laden with goodies we waved goodbye to these adorable paper lanterns...
...and to Hyper Japan 2016. Arigato gozaimasu!